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Artisan Tasting Lounge@ Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd


Venue Hire Terms & Conditions

This Venue Hire Agreement for Artisan Tasting Lounge is between ‘the Hirer’ and Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd hereafter known as the Licensor.

1. Quotations & Details

Full details of the event type and numbers involved in the event must be disclosed at the time the booking is made. Any quotation is provided on the basis of this information; changes (whether advised or not) to this information may result in the quotation and resulting final invoice being revised.

Quotations remain valid for ten working days, unless otherwise specified in writing. Should the details of the event change, a new quote may be necessary.

Whilst every endeavor is made to cover contingencies when quoting, Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd reserves the right to revise the quote at any time preceding final confirmation in circumstances where the event details have changed.

For events booked more than six months in advance, Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd will issue a tentative quote for all services and confirm all quoted prices within 30 working days of the start date of the event.

2. Confirmation of Bookings

Bookings need to be confirmed by the hirer at least ten working days prior to the event date; Bookings are considered confirmed when the booking form, deposit and security bond (as required) has been submitted by the hirer, and only once Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd has provided the hirer with a confirmation of booking. When the hire has been approved, Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd will provide a written confirmation of booking to the hirer, stating the time parameters, date and event numbers.

3. Tentative Bookings

Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd understands there are times that hirers may require to make a tentative booking. Whilst we are happy to accommodate these requests, such bookings will be held for a maximum of ten working days. After a period of ten working days, Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd tentative bookings will lapse without notice.

4. Booking Deposit

All hirers are required to pay a booking deposit equal to 25% of the total quotation value; the booking deposit acts as part payment on the total invoice amount and shall be subtracted from the total invoice amount prior to the final invoice being processed.

5. Final Payment

5.1 An invoice will be issued within 15 working days from the date of hire.
5.2 Full payment is due 7 working days prior to the date of hire.

6. Cancellation Policy

6.1 All cancellations must be made to Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd in writing.
6.2 Notice of cancellation given in writing more than 30 working days prior to the hire date will incur no penalty and the deposit paid will be reimbursed in full.
6.3 Cancellation 14-30 working days prior to the event will result in the refund of 50% of the deposit.
6.4 Cancellations made within 7-14 working days will result in NIL refund of the deposit.
6.5 Cancellation 7 working days - 48 hours prior to the event will incur a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total quotation amount. In addition to this, charges for equipment hire may apply.
6.6 Cancellation 48 hours prior to the event will incur a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the booking amount. In addition to this, charges for equipment hire may apply.

7. Security Bond

Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd may request a security bond for some hires such as large events or parties. The security bond must be paid ten working days prior to the booking date. The security bond will be refunded in full provided there is no breach of the Conditions of Hire, there is no damage to the facility or equipment, and/or there is no extra cleaning required at the conclusion of the booking (of which the Event and Venue Manager will be the sole judge).

8. Venue Hire

The venue can be hired for a minimum of 4 hours and the published rates apply.

Please note that these prices are subject to change. Additional fees may apply for hire items and extra staffing. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Included in the venue hire is exclusive use of Artisan Tasting Lounge with 2 bar fridges, tables for tasting sessions as per room specifications, sound system and use of the preparation kitchen, including commercial glass washer, small fridge and microwave.

9. Function Duration

Function times are to be advised at time of booking and must include your set up and clear up time required. Functions should finish and the venue be vacated no later than 12.00 midnight. The function is to be contained within the venue and the immediate outdoor area surrounding the building.

10. Venue Site Visits & Access

The venue is available for viewing by appointment only. Please contact Artisan Tasting Lounge to arrange a suitable appointment time.

11. Hire of Equipment

The following items are available for hire and can be hired at an additional cost, details will be forwarded to the hirer on application:

  • Glasses, Decanters, Crockery, Cutlery
    When hiring, the same number of items must be returned at the end of the hire otherwise breakages must be paid for at the cost specified per item.

  • Dinner tables, chairs & tablecloths
    The lounge can comfortable fit 3 round tables seating 10 people per table. Please enquire for any other configuration. A choice of white or black table cloths is available.

  • Coffee Machine
    Our commercial coffee machine uses coffee pods and has a hot water dispenser for tea drinkers. The hire cost will include the machine, cups and teaspoons, but excludes coffee pods and tea. Charges for coffee and tea are as specified. On receipt of booking, a demonstration of how to use the coffee machine will be organized with the hirer. These instructions must be followed at all times.

  • Floral arrangements
    If you provide your requirements i.e. budget, theme, colours we will be able to accommodate accordingly. Our florist will always supply what is currently in season.

  • HD Projection
    On receipt of a booking, a demonstration of how to use the HD projection will be organized; these instructions must be followed at all times, however a member of staff will be on hand if further instruction is required.

  • Wine Dispensers & Tasting Cards
    The machines dispense wine directly from the bottle with portion controlled volumes of 25ml, 50ml or 100ml and provide the hirer the opportunity to offer guests some incredible wines that would not normally be available by the glass. A tasting card is required to use the dispenser and can be programmed to distribute 25ml, 50ml, or 100ml depending on your requirements. On receipt of a booking, a demonstration of how to use the wine dispensers and tasting cards will be organized with the hirer. These instructions must be followed at all times. Tasting Cards are only valid at the time of hire and cannot be used at any other function or wine tasting event, and are non-transferrable.

12. Catering

Artisan Tasting Lounge can recommend preferred caterers - please refer to our website for suppliers details and we will organize a meeting at the Tasting Lounge to discuss your catering requirements. Catering will be made direct with our preferred caterer and their terms and conditions will apply. At our discretion we will consider allowing non preferred caterers on site.

Please note the preparation area does not include cooking equipment which needs to be supplied by the caterer.

13. Beverages – Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic

The hirer is permitted to bring beverages into Artisan Tasting Lounge but a corkage fee is payable on all alcoholic beverages. All alcoholic beverages need to be served in accordance with applicable laws.

Alternatively, alcohol can be purchased from our preferred suppliers - please complete your preferences and our supplier’s sommelier service will be in contact with a list of options. If you are booking catering we can help match your wine and food requirements. Charges for beverages will be invoiced by the supplier directly to the hirer, and must be fully paid for in advance, no sale or return option provided.

14. Responsible Service of Alcohol

The Licensor promotes the responsible service of alcohol and reserves the right to refuse entry to any guest they believe to be intoxicated.

When the hirer has organised their own alcoholic beverages, a suitably qualified function coordinator is required to be on-site for the duration of the event. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the event is conducted in an orderly manner in accordance with this contract and applicable laws.

15. Marketing Services

Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd can provide the following additional services to help you organize your event:

Invitations - Email (HTML) or Printed
RSVP Service

If you require any of these services, we will be in touch to discuss your requirements and follow up with a written quote. Charges for marketing services will be invoiced separately.

16. Parking

A number of car parking spaces are included in the hire cost and allocated parking spaces will be indicated once a booking is made. We are unable to offer any additional parking on site and the hirer needs to ensure that guests do not park in front of adjacent business. There is additional free street parking which is unrestricted with no parking meters.

17. Smoking

Smoking is NOT permitted inside the venue at any time.

18. Public Liability

The Licensor has a current Public Liability Insurance policy with cover to the value of $20,000,000.The hirer needs to ensure that all suppliers brought on to the site and all suppliers contracted for the hire can furnish proof of Public Liability Insurance.

19. Loss or Damages

The hirer will be financially liable for any damages or loss caused by their guests or arranged suppliers/contractors to the venue, fixtures, furnishings, windows,
glassware/decanters/merchandise or any wine on display during the hire period.

Please note that no items are to be nailed, screwed, stapled or adhered to the walls, doors, ceilings or any other surface.

The Licensor reserves the right to request the alteration of the set-up of any events to comply with fire, health and safety regulations.

The Licensor takes all necessary care however we accept no responsibility for loss of or damage to, equipment or personal articles left in the venue, prior to during or after a function.

The hirer must not permit anything to be done on the venue or any part hereof which maybe or become a nuisance or annoyance to the surrounding neighbors, neither must any unauthorized persons be permitted to enter said property.

20. Security

Security is mandatory for all evening bookings concluding later than 8:30pm. Any security requirement is at the cost of the hirer and must be booked with Artisan Wine Storage Security. Quotes for security will be supplied on application and will depend on numbers attending and type of function.

21. Purchase of Glassware & Decanters

All Glassware & Decanters must be paid for, in full, at the time of order and no refunds are allowed. Products will be supplied to you on the event date and in the original box. If you require any items before the event date, these can be picked up but we are unable to deliver due to the fragility of the items. Please note, due to the unique pieces we have in stock, if we are unable to supply an ordered item, a similar product will be offered to you before purchase.

22. Deliveries & Set-up

All deliveries must be advised and pre-arranged through Artisan Tasting Lounge as the venue is not accessible without prior notice. Please note there is limited storage space, so deliveries should be kept to the day of the event wherever possible.

23. Hirer’s Property

All goods including gifts, flowers, decorations and hire goods must be removed at the end of the hire period unless prior arrangements are made. Please note the venue is only accessible by prior arrangement, additional charges may apply.

24. Unforeseen Circumstances

In the event of inability to comply with any of the provisions of this venue agreement by virtue of any interruption of electricity or gas supplies, industry disputes, plant or equipment failure, disruptive acts of nature, other unforeseen contingency or accident, the Licensor reserves the right to cancel any booking or refund any deposit, with no further liability to the Licensor or their Agents or Suppliers.

25. Cleaning

It is the responsibility of the hirer to leave the premises in the same state of cleanliness as at the commencement of the hire period, including ensuring all rubbish is contained in supplied rubbish bins and any excess rubbish must be removed by the hirer. All hired glasses and decanters must be washed and stored away in the cupboards provided.

Unless Artisan Wine Storage’s cleaning contractors have been booked prior, the venue is considered to be ‘on hire’ until cleaning is complete.

Should the hirer bring caterers on site, these cleaning requirements extend to the areas used by third parties also.

26. Entertainment

If the hirer engages entertainment to appear at the event or within the grounds, it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the performer complies with the
requirements and sound levels consistent with the Environmental Protection Act 1997 and the Environment Protection Regulation 2005.

Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd reserves the right to stop, suspend or adjust the level of sound from performers that it considers excessive and/or insist on the use of an automatic sound level monitor.

27. Advertising & Endorsement

Use of the Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd or Artisan Tasting Lounge logo on any promotional, advertising, marketing or any other material must first be approved and appear in line with the logo use standards of Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd.

28. Special Conditions

The hirer is not permitted to use Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd for any illegal purpose.

The hirer will indemnify and keep indemnified Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd against actions, suits, claims and demands whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use of the hired premises.

Persons under the age of 18 years may only enter and use the facilities under the control of a parent or legal guardian and their movements must be restricted to areas specified by the supervisor and staff on duty.

29. Basis of Agreement

Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of the Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd to complete the same, and is subject to labour disputes, strikes, pickets, accidents, government regulation and Intervention, restrictions on travel, delivery, equipment or utilities failure and other causes, whether enumerated or not which are beyond the control of Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd.

In no circumstance shall Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd be liable for loss of profit or consequential damages from these matters.

In no event shall Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd liability be in excess of the total amount of hirer charges contracted.

30. Additional Terms

Any additional terms and conditions that have been established as part of this agreement are stated below or attached to this document and form part of the event agreement.


© Copyright 2015 Artisan Tasting Lounge @ Artisan Wine Storage Pty Ltd
ABN: 85 158 837

Issue date: 9th September 2015

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